In a previous posting I introduced some information behind genetic modification of our food supply.  As I noted, the genetic modification is a plant based practice.  As such it also impacts the meat the world consumes.  Animals eat the plants (and the poison compounds) and those same poisons end up in their muscles (the meat we eat).  Alas, there is more to the story.  The ‘more’ is a government and industry sanctioned process.

Several decades back, the practice of adding lead to gasoline was banned.  It was banned because of the harmful effects of lead on the human body.  Consumption of lead causes any number of maladies including deterioration of the brain.  Banning leaded gas was a good thing.  Like asbestos and lead based paint, the general public was misinformed that the use of such compound stopped.  Even today, lead based paint is still used in some limited industrial applications (such as rail cars) and asbestos is still being used for automotive brakes.  Along the same line, leaded gas is still widely used in the aviation industry.  Plans are in place to stop the use of leaded aviation gas, but that is many years in the future.

Before your go out and protest against the major airlines, understand that jets do not run on gasoline.  Jet fuel is more like kerosene and does not contain lead, but leaded gas still poses a significant (possible bigger) problem.

Leaded aviation gas is used for piston driven airplanes.  The planes used to spray crops with both fertilizer and pesticides are piston driven airplanes.  Also, no internal combustion engine completely burns all the fuel.  As with automobiles, the exhaust contains both combusted and raw fuel.  Both the combusted and raw fuel contain lead (lead is not burned away in the combustion process).  As the crop dusting plane flies over a field dropping the load of pesticides, it is also depositing lead particulates.  That same lead is absorbed into the plants and held for later consumption.

Tetraethyl Lead (TEL)

TEL is an organic compound that contains lead and, in small quantities, is very effective in boosting octane. The ban of TEL in automobile gas was phased in over a number of years and was largely completed by 1986 and resulted in significant reductions of lead emissions to the environment. TEL was has not yet been banned for use in avgas, because no operationally safe alternative is currently available.

Is TEL Toxic?

All forms of lead are toxic if inhaled or ingested. Lead can affect human health in several ways, including effects on the nervous system, red blood cells and cardiovascular and immune systems. Infants and young children are especially sensitive to even low levels of lead, which may contribute to behavioral and learning problems and lower IQ. Children have increased sensitivity due to their developing nervous systems.

This is just one more reason to go organic for both meat and produce.  On a final note, though most countries have banned or reduced the use of lead in consumer products, some have not.  Lead is a good stabilizer for the plastics industry.  It is widely used in China for export products such as the plastic insulation in electrical extension cords (and Christmas lights).  I like to decorate as much as the next person, but I don’t buy my lights (or other plastic products) made in China.  I have even noticed a few products sold with a warning not to touch the electrical cord due to the possibility of lead exposure.  This is all important food for thought (and it should be a call to action).
Recent news articles have detailed the US Government’s activity concerning electronic tracking.  The media is reporting that it is limited to the information contained within a personal cell phone bill.  As Mr. T use to say, “I pity the fool.”  After Lord Cheney and him puppet George W. passed the Patriot Act, our rights were stripped.  The media is finally reporting the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  Over the past years, the cellular companies have changed the information reported on the monthly bills.  In the past, each call was listed, now only number of minutes and all the miscellaneous charges are listed.  As noted above, ‘I pity the fool’ that believes the hype being reported.  The media reports that the cellular information being gathered by the government is only equivalent to the information listed on the cell phone bill.

The government has the capability to record each and every cellular conversation.  Without much effort, the cellular service providers can provide a listing of each call, the numbers on both ends of the conversation, the date the call was made, and even the time the call took place.  In addition, the Patriot Act allows retrieval and archiving of all electronic conversations (chats, emails, and even posts such as this one).

Having worked in security sensitive positions in the past, I know that recording phone conversations (without due process) is a regular occurrence.  With our current technology and present allowances, covert recording of phone conversations is now legal (not right, but still legal).  It is the same situation with emails and other forms of electronic communications.

Between electronic tracking, remote surveillance cameras, and unmanned drones, our privacy has been eroded until there is no place left to hide.  My earlier reference to ‘pity the fool’ notes that the vast majority of the world’s population either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that our personal privacy no longer exists.  It is becoming too easy for a government to stage a ‘terrorist’ attack, blame it on some remote radical group and then take away our freedoms (all in the name of protection from their self-invented enemy).  The whole time, the power behind the government gets richer at the expense of the common citizen.




Simply conspiring against a person or a group does not fall into the realm of the conspiracy theories that I follow.  To meet my personal test, a couple of conditions need to exist.  The first being; was a wrong committed?  The second test is; might a person or persons benefit from the action?  The third, but often least important is; are there too many unanswered questions?  A recent news article (with increasing discussion) is the concern over GMO.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  This is possibly the biggest and most dramatic conspiracy going on today.  As we poison ourselves with the food we consume, the agricultural and healthcare industries spin every other reason for the ills of the world’s population.

Like many things, genetic modification started from science with altruistic intents.  In an attempt to boost the food supply, seeds were modified to resist disease, pest devastation, and the need for crop rotation.  Soon after, corporate interests got involved and pushed the process to tie the use of fertilizers as a part of the process.  From there the agricultural industry was pushed down a path to the ‘dark side’ of the process.

Through financial lobbying, even the FDA was prostituted into approving the use of herbicide and pesticide resistant modifications.  Soon entire crops could be treated with massive poisons.  Everything in the area of the crop could be killed through the application of the herbicides while the food crop remained and flourished.  The industry hailed the experiments as a complete success.  In time, the practice became so entrenched in the industry that a farmer could not get a bank loan to plan his crops unless the seeds he used were modified to be ‘round-up ready’ (genetically modified to resist the application of herbicides and pesticides).  The chemical companies had created a monopoly of sorts.  Only the seeds certified for use with their chemical fertilizers could be used on the traditional farms.

With the potential for massive impacts on food productions and the world economies, any problems that might be traced back to the use of the fertilizers and herbicides was diverted to potential other causes.  As the health of the world populations declined anything except the food source was blamed.  A prime example is the recent and drastic rise in Autism.  The initial blame was directed back to the use of ‘live’ viruses in many of the early vaccines.  Even with the change in practice, the average rates for autism continue to increase.

It has only been very recently, with the increase in true organic farming practices, that the general population is starting to look at the quality of the food supply.  A few years ago, the discovery of a field of GMO wheat (in Oregon) would never have made the headlines.  Now, that same discovery has caused several countries to delay grain shipments from the region.  When producers are allowed to spray poisons (which should kill the normal food crop) on their fields and still sell their harvest should concern and alarm everyone.  As individuals, we are allowed some choices.  We cannot simply quit eating.  We can get better educated on the foods that we consume.  The chemical companies are making record profits on their self-designed monopoly while the healthcare industry is happy to sell, and profit from, an ever increasing supply of pharmaceuticals to cure this agricultural poisoning.  This is one conspiracy that must be exposed.  Through education and the free market (driven by buying choices) this can be changed.

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    Conspiracies are all around us.  Whether you believe them or not, if there is an unanswered question, it might be worth discussing.


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