Before we get into the seemingly endless conspiracies flying around the information super highway, it is appropriate to look at the basis for conspiracies.  To start, what is a conspiracy?  By definition, a conspiracy is; an agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.  In very simple language, a conspiracy is a plan to do wrong (not the act of wrong, but the plan).  In most cases, this includes not only a plan before, but also a deliberate effort to cover or hide the truth.  In the general context of Conspiracy Theories, these plans, acts, and cover-ups are usually implemented for one simple reason, greed.

Whether the desire for wealth or power, it is all the same.  If the greed was limited to wealth (money), the worlds richest might be behind the conspiracies.  Currently, the richest person in the world is Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.  Checking the limited sources available, Mr. Gates is not a participant in the NOW (or any of the various similar groups of various names).  More often than money, the greed is manifested as the desire for power.  That power refers to the power to control and/or manipulate the world economies and populations in a distinct manner (usually to increase this personal power).

Another item that feeds conspiracies is that the lies reported to cover the truth are seldom completely thought through.  After a wrong is committed, there are often too many unanswered questions.  The conspirator simply restates the lie over and over again.  They think that if the lie is repeated often enough, it will be accepted as the ‘new’ truth.  Unfortunately, in many cases this is correct.  Most people are satisfied with accepting the lie and moving on.  Those few that are still uneasy over the unanswered questions are thought of as the societal fringe (I like being part of the fringe that thinks for themselves).

This doesn’t cover all cover-ups or conspiracies, but there are a few simple tests to identify conspiracies:

1.      Was a wrong committed?

2.      Might a person or persons benefit from the action?

3.      Are there too many unanswered questions?

If these three items are ‘yes’ there may be a conspiracy to uncover.  Following the predominate reason for conspiracies (greed) will help uncover the truth.  Simply follow the money (or power advantage, but usually the money).  Remember Ockham’s Razor.  The simplest answer is probably the correct answer.  If too many assumptions are required, the answer is probably wrong.  Also note that the word ‘simple’ is used repeatedly.  It should be easy and simple to expose a lie.  The bigger problem is getting the masses to believe the real truth.  The majority is willing to believe whatever story is reported.  They trust the ‘lame-stream’ media to tell them the ‘truth’ and they believe what they are told.


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    Conspiracies are all around us.  Whether you believe them or not, if there is an unanswered question, it might be worth discussing.


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