Recent news articles have detailed the US Government’s activity concerning electronic tracking.  The media is reporting that it is limited to the information contained within a personal cell phone bill.  As Mr. T use to say, “I pity the fool.”  After Lord Cheney and him puppet George W. passed the Patriot Act, our rights were stripped.  The media is finally reporting the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  Over the past years, the cellular companies have changed the information reported on the monthly bills.  In the past, each call was listed, now only number of minutes and all the miscellaneous charges are listed.  As noted above, ‘I pity the fool’ that believes the hype being reported.  The media reports that the cellular information being gathered by the government is only equivalent to the information listed on the cell phone bill.

The government has the capability to record each and every cellular conversation.  Without much effort, the cellular service providers can provide a listing of each call, the numbers on both ends of the conversation, the date the call was made, and even the time the call took place.  In addition, the Patriot Act allows retrieval and archiving of all electronic conversations (chats, emails, and even posts such as this one).

Having worked in security sensitive positions in the past, I know that recording phone conversations (without due process) is a regular occurrence.  With our current technology and present allowances, covert recording of phone conversations is now legal (not right, but still legal).  It is the same situation with emails and other forms of electronic communications.

Between electronic tracking, remote surveillance cameras, and unmanned drones, our privacy has been eroded until there is no place left to hide.  My earlier reference to ‘pity the fool’ notes that the vast majority of the world’s population either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that our personal privacy no longer exists.  It is becoming too easy for a government to stage a ‘terrorist’ attack, blame it on some remote radical group and then take away our freedoms (all in the name of protection from their self-invented enemy).  The whole time, the power behind the government gets richer at the expense of the common citizen.

10/01/2013 12:35am

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