Simply conspiring against a person or a group does not fall into the realm of the conspiracy theories that I follow.  To meet my personal test, a couple of conditions need to exist.  The first being; was a wrong committed?  The second test is; might a person or persons benefit from the action?  The third, but often least important is; are there too many unanswered questions?  A recent news article (with increasing discussion) is the concern over GMO.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  This is possibly the biggest and most dramatic conspiracy going on today.  As we poison ourselves with the food we consume, the agricultural and healthcare industries spin every other reason for the ills of the world’s population.

Like many things, genetic modification started from science with altruistic intents.  In an attempt to boost the food supply, seeds were modified to resist disease, pest devastation, and the need for crop rotation.  Soon after, corporate interests got involved and pushed the process to tie the use of fertilizers as a part of the process.  From there the agricultural industry was pushed down a path to the ‘dark side’ of the process.

Through financial lobbying, even the FDA was prostituted into approving the use of herbicide and pesticide resistant modifications.  Soon entire crops could be treated with massive poisons.  Everything in the area of the crop could be killed through the application of the herbicides while the food crop remained and flourished.  The industry hailed the experiments as a complete success.  In time, the practice became so entrenched in the industry that a farmer could not get a bank loan to plan his crops unless the seeds he used were modified to be ‘round-up ready’ (genetically modified to resist the application of herbicides and pesticides).  The chemical companies had created a monopoly of sorts.  Only the seeds certified for use with their chemical fertilizers could be used on the traditional farms.

With the potential for massive impacts on food productions and the world economies, any problems that might be traced back to the use of the fertilizers and herbicides was diverted to potential other causes.  As the health of the world populations declined anything except the food source was blamed.  A prime example is the recent and drastic rise in Autism.  The initial blame was directed back to the use of ‘live’ viruses in many of the early vaccines.  Even with the change in practice, the average rates for autism continue to increase.

It has only been very recently, with the increase in true organic farming practices, that the general population is starting to look at the quality of the food supply.  A few years ago, the discovery of a field of GMO wheat (in Oregon) would never have made the headlines.  Now, that same discovery has caused several countries to delay grain shipments from the region.  When producers are allowed to spray poisons (which should kill the normal food crop) on their fields and still sell their harvest should concern and alarm everyone.  As individuals, we are allowed some choices.  We cannot simply quit eating.  We can get better educated on the foods that we consume.  The chemical companies are making record profits on their self-designed monopoly while the healthcare industry is happy to sell, and profit from, an ever increasing supply of pharmaceuticals to cure this agricultural poisoning.  This is one conspiracy that must be exposed.  Through education and the free market (driven by buying choices) this can be changed.

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