As an author of fiction, it is easy to take a small idea and spin it into an underlying story line.  For years, society has debated just how aware an infant in the womb really is.  The debate has triggered heated arguments.  At the same time, science has pondered how much knowledge is passed to an infant in the womb.

At this point, the science can end and the fiction can take over the train of thought.  The fiction author can ‘spin’ these questions to include the influence of the knowledge transfer that might take place using the ancient crystal skulls (as in the Crystal Skull Trilogy).

From the end of Crystal Gift, we know that Susan Mathews as pregnant while still using the crystal mask and crystal skull to extract ancient information.  From the story in Crystal Grotto, we know that Alpha was able to reach out and control the thoughts and actions of Princess (the dog protecting Janet).  What if, while Janet was still in the womb, Alpha was able to pass along some information or knowledge of the ancient society (passingly referred to as Atlantis)?  What if the cave in the Superstition Mountains wasn’t the only massive crystal knowledge repository (there is no reason that there weren’t multiple crystal hearts scatter around the globe).

From the mind of a fiction writer comes a continuation to a story that almost ended.  If you remember from the end of Crystal Grave, there was a small opening for more stories.  My first thought was to let Jake Roads live on with more adventures.  As my mind wandered and pondered, a new story line blossomed.  Stay tuned for more as this new story takes on a life of its own.

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    from the Author

    For those of you that thought the Crystal Skull Trilogy came to a end, there can always be more. At the end of the trilogy, I left an opening. It has now morphed into a new story. I hope to everyone’s enjoyment it is different that the story you might have expected. Even though the Crystal Grotto was ‘unplugged’ from the earth magnetic field, there can always be yet another chapter. That being said, it should be obvious that I have a new story idea.


    May 2013