Have you ever wondered about the truth behind the Atlantis myth? What is the greatest historical treasure? What happened before today’s records of written history? Answers to these questions and more are reveled in the Crystal Skull Trilogy (Crystal Gift, Crystal Grotto, and Crystal Grave). A non-stop adventure tapping into the theater of the mind, each book provides entertainment beyond the video graphics of today. Crawl into an adventure spanning 15,000 years of human history and help save the world from the evil powers lurking in the back alleys and shadows. The Crystal Skull Trilogy is available in print and eBook through major retailers and Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007FQUU7K

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    from the Author

    For those of you that thought the Crystal Skull Trilogy came to a end, there can always be more. At the end of the trilogy, I left an opening. It has now morphed into a new story. I hope to everyone’s enjoyment it is different that the story you might have expected. Even though the Crystal Grotto was ‘unplugged’ from the earth magnetic field, there can always be yet another chapter. That being said, it should be obvious that I have a new story idea.


    May 2013