Several questions have come to my attention about the ancient crystal skulls.  This is a bit out of order and will lack some of the background, but have is my take on these objects.

Like all unanswered questions throughout history, the mainstream archeology community is too quick to dismiss these items, even to the point that the National Geographic Society has said (in a blanket statement) that all ancient crystal skulls are fakes.  Again, without solid undeniable proof, the academic world takes the easy way out and dismisses these items.

A little background is necessary at this point.  Native American and Mezzo-American legend tells that there are twelve ancient crystal skulls hidden around the planet (it is believed that six have been found to date).  At some time, in the future, when humanity is in need, the crystal skulls will make themselves known and provide needed answers and information.  The same legends hold held that the ancient crystal skulls contain the collective information and knowledge from a long lost and very advanced ancient civilization.  Like most myths and legends, there is some truth at the core of the story.  Again, like most myths and legends, the story may have been exaggerated over the many millennia.

The legend speaks of twelve skulls.  The idea of twelve skulls may stem from the same basis of the twelve tribes.  This is a legend fostered my several cultures including the tribes of Israel.  The twelve skulls might have grown from multiple groups of explorers from a central culture with each group leaving a skull as a marker for future generations.  This is a similar story with the significant difference that the twelve skulls would not need to be gathered in a single location to access ancient knowledge.  To cut through the possible exaggeration, a simple explanation is that the ancient skulls are simply part of a method to gain access to an ancient store of information (knowledge being the use of information).  A single skull might only hold the knowledge of a limited few humans, not an entire culture.  The volume required (by current technology) to hold the sum of today’s knowledge would several thousand times the volume of a single skull.  Most of my conclusions are based on logic.  Logic dictates that a single (or even twelve) skull is too small for the amount of knowledge being referred to.  Again, the ancient crystal skulls may be simply a device (like a computer terminal) to access a vast store of ancient knowledge.

I believe that the ancient crystal skulls are historical artifacts.  They were discovered at a time that their construction cannot be explained (even today, the technology does not exist to replicate the Mitchell-Hedges skull).  I feel the legend has changed over time and the skulls provide access (like a computer terminal provides access to the World Wide Web).  Though my Crystal Skull Trilogy is a work of fiction, it provides a possible and plausible function of the skulls as a part of the story line.

I welcome comments and/or thoughts on this subject.

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