To look at the validity of the Legend of Atlantis, two different lines of discussion must first be opened.  The first is the idea that Myths and Legends are based on actual historical events.  Often these facts are exaggerated during the assembly through oral history.  On this accepted norm alone, the existence of Atlantis must be considered credible.  The second discussion to consider is the Legend of the Library at Alexandria.  The Library at Alexandria (constructed around the fourth century BC and destroyed by the Romans in the first century BC) was reported to hold all the history and secrets of the ancient world.  The advancements by the Greeks substantiate the rumors of ancient knowledge contain in the scrolls in that place.

The Legend of Atlantis is based on the writings of Plato after he visited the Library at Alexandria.  Plato recited the information that a great civilization existed about 9,000 years prior to his publication.  The 9,000 year mark actually points to the final days of that advanced culture.  With the evidence known throughout the world, that ancient culture would have existed many thousands of years before.

It seems evident that referring to Atlantis and a single culture is in error.  The peoples of the time colonized the Mississippi Valley of North America, the Amazon Basin of South America, The mountain range backbone of both North and South America, and Central America.  They also colonized the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and Asia, and Europe as far north as Scandinavia.  Based on the only remaining map section from the Ottoman-Turkish Admiral Piri-Reis, they may have also lived on a generally ‘ice-free’ Antarctica.  Today it might be hard to imagine such a climatic condition, but the ice ages only covered the northern half of the planet.  The southern hemisphere was not covered in ice like the north was.  It is also noteworthy to point out that the Piri-Reis map was drawn from information that included maps from the Library at Alexandria.

Logical progression and the evidence points to a highly advanced culture existed many thousands of years before current recorded history.  This is likely the same culture written of by Plato.  With no other discoveries, the home or main seat of power for this culture could well have been Antarctica.

Since main stream archeology doesn’t have all the evidence, they bow to the communities that support their research.  If all of the ‘great cultures’ of history simply took credit for long past accomplishments, who gets the credit?  They don’t admit to the existence of Atlantis.  Without the official recognition, the efforts to uncover the proof of history before written history go unheard.  The main stream academic’s seem to think that for the first 200,000 years man only lived in caves.  It wasn’t until 3,500 BC that any kind of advanced culture emerged.  It just doesn’t follow logic to think man never wanted to advance until 5,500 years ago.  With all the evidence around the world, it is unrealistic to think that all this is simply coincidence.

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